Martin De Domenico

Brett Sangster

Managing Partner
M +61 419 339 264
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14 Yrs in Uniform

Brett is deeply passionate about bridging the gap in Defence industry by leading a sovereign owned, and veteran operated Defence specialist advisory capability.

Brett has forged a career as a commercial leader in the Defence and National Security sector and draws on more than 25 years’ experience in Government and private enterprise including his 14 years of service as a Special Operations & Legal Officer in the military, and Managing... Director of Downer Defence Systems.

Challenging traditional ways of working and thinking in an increasingly agile environment, Brett offers a contemporary, pragmatic and commercial approach to his engagements. He develops innovative, effective solutions and deliverables in support of the client’s broader strategic objectives.

Leveraging his knowledge of the market across all domains and his appreciation for balancing government imperatives against commercial realities, he focuses on industry input into Defence capability through strategic positioning, commercial drafting and negotiations, capital raising, Mergers & Acquisitions, regulatory compliance and dispute management.

With proven ability to excel in complex environments leveraging relationships and legal knowledge, Brett is delivering his vision to Government and Defence industry, enabled by a team of multidisciplinary experts.

Martin De Domenico

Martin De Domenico

General Manager – Defence & Government Advisory
M +61 447 362 441
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6 Yrs in Uniform

Martin is a highly qualified technical expert and focused leader in providing services that build and enhance sovereign capability. Driven by his commitment to capability realisation, Martin understands the current complexities and issues in Defence, and works with the Commonwealth and industry to achieve capability success.

Martin has over 20 years of trusted Federal government project delivery experience... across the Defence and National security domains, including 6 years as a commissioned officer in the ADF where he managed disaster response, strategic and operational level risk. With deep experience in public policy, risk and governance, cyber and national security leadership, Martin found his specialist expertise in the legal and technology cross section.

His technical background in cyber security certifications and accreditation for government IT networks and intelligence-led advisory on cyber security threats, allow him to develop strategic policy and advice on complex Commonwealth programs and projects, with multiple perspectives.

Martin is adept at complex stakeholder engagement and senior executive briefings, with the ability to provide succinct, actionable advice driven by his unique Defence understanding. His legal and commercial experience, enables him to translate operational nuances and expertise to Defence and Government stakeholders, Primes, SMEs and wider industry clients.

Chris Bennie

Strategic Director – Project Management and Engineering
M +61 401 943 989
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Chris is a highly passionate and enthusiastic capability and industry leader, enabling B2B partnerships, B2C delivery and driving professional development within the McR Defence team. Chris has 15 years of experience in delivery and engagement manager, and has a proven background in account management, talent acquisition, strategic partnerships and contributing to the delivery of projects across various stages of the One Defence Capability Framework....

He has established strategic and commercial partnerships to deliver mission critical services for clients across defence, cybersecurity, national security, intelligence, assurance & governance, ICT capability, concept design, policy and strategy.Chris has managed business development, sales and accounts across varying Defence and industry clients and projects. He has led the development of strategic, tiered partnership agreements including the setting of key performance indicators, milestone deliverables and remedial frameworks.

He is highly skilled in sourcing the best talent and matching to individual project and client needs, particularly in consortium settings where managing relationships is critical to success. Chris applies recruitment best practice across in every interaction from Internal/Agency recruitment to Federal, State and Local government authorities, international and domestic corporations.

Chris’ 15 years of experience and understanding of Defence & Government nuances, enable him to provide relevant, and contextual end to end expertise to our partners and industry clients.

Phil McKay

Director – Programs & Projects
M +61 416 256 792
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15 Yrs in Uniform

Phil has 10 years of experience in capability development, 4 of which were spent as the Program Manager of the ADF Special Operations Program. Phil is a highly experienced Program and Project Manager with a demonstrated history in the Defence and Space Industry.

Phil has strong qualifications, and when paired with his skills developed working with and... for Defence over two decades, he is placed in great stead to develop emerging industry and capability projects for the Australian Defence Force, including CASG and CIOG. Phil has been in management positions in professional services since 2013, and successfully performed leadership roles since 2007 when he was in the Army.

Phil is an expert in leading and mentoring multidisciplinary teams for high quality strategic capability outcomes. He is eager to use his experience, his Masters level qualifications and organisational leadership, operational planning and project management abilities to achieve the best professional and value-based outcomes for Defence industry. Notably, Phil planned, designed and built the first of type Special Operations Program Capability Assurance Framework, negotiated its clearance and acceptance by Centrals, and achieved Government approvals on time and without resubmissions.

Phil has used and updated Capability One (and its predecessors) to manage and report on Defence projects and programs for many years. He knows the importance placed by senior officers on regular updates to the project log and risk/issue register so they can remain informed of program status. He is an expert at navigating the One Defence Capability System and has provided advise to multiple levels, including at 2* level on pathway options and risk-based approaches to program management.

Paul Mattiuzzo

Strategic Director - Enterprise Services
M +61 411 142 214
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Paul is an accomplished information security professional with experience of over 25 years. He is a cybersecurity expert and has extensive exposure in IT, with experience in translating evolving industry risks into technology roadmaps and robust security programs. Paul has remarkable proficiency in thinking ahead of the curve and digging deeper and quicker to identify and mitigate potential business threats. He assists with bridging the gap across technology processes, automation, and cybersecurity to enable seamless organisational growth. Through mentoring and leading teams Pauls aims to cultivate a security-focused culture within organisations and leads McR Defence’s enterprise and information services practice group.